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There aren't many better ways to spend your time on earth than by traveling and experiencing what the world has to offer -- its cultures, its nature, its people, and the experiences they each enable -- and it's thus always been a great passion of mine.

It's arguably in my blood, too: I was born in the West Indies and raised in Germany and Austria by world-traveling parents that ensured that we never go too long without exploring another country, from Swedish ports to Italian beaches and Spanish fincas to Romanian mountains.

I'm very privileged to have enjoyed the means to travel in adulthood, too. In the pre-COVID months of 2020 alone, I visited Belgium, Germany, Switzerland, and South Africa (staying in the latter for a month), all while living in London. I've also gotten to see much of the US: I've lived in Florida, New York City, Boston, and California, and turned my move back to the east coast into a month-long road trip of the US, hitting up over a dozen states.


Now, I honestly don't know why anyone would want to see some random guy's travel pictures, but I'll probably upload a bunch of mine here sooner or later. In the meantime, curious weirdos will have to make due with a quick Imgur album of whatever I have on my laptop at the time of writing.