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Kevin Rusch

I'm a Cuban-born, German-bred, US-based computational cognitive neuroscientist with backgrounds in biochemistry and computational modeling. My past research includes thesis work on the cortical dynamics of consciousness and perception at the University of Cambridge’s Consciousness and Cognition Laboratory and dynamical modeling of sensorimotor processing in M1 and S1 using PSID at the Neurorobotics Laboratory at UC Davis, where I was also a member of the Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Committee.

As of 2022, I'm a Bioinformatician II/Research Associate working on neuron-level detection and tracking using convolutional neural networks in the context of neural development in C. Elegans at the University of Massachusetts' Yemini Lab, and I also work as a C4R Senior Research Coordinator in the Kording Lab at the University of Pennsylvania.

Beyond that, I also serve on Neuromatch Academy‘s executive committee, am a Science & Tech contributor for various non-profit outlets, and run /r/neuroscience, the biggest community of neuroscience researchers, students, and enthusiasts online.

This website is mostly meant to host my CV and my art, but over time it has become one of those things where I'll get bored every now and then and add a new section that really doesn't need to be here. Don't be surprised if I use this as a Goodreads replacement or something.