Feasible: Can the research question be answered given the available resources?
- Do you have access to the resources needed to conduct the research?
- Do you have the technical skills to carry out the research?
- Is the planned timeframe appropriate for the work?
Interesting: Is the research question exciting to you and the broader scientific community?
- Does your project align with the mission of the funding agency?
- Are you personally interested/engaged in your project?
- Is the project of interest to the broader scientific field?
Novel: Does the research question seek to fill an existing gap in knowledge?
- What is known and what is unknown?
- What are limitations in existing research in the field?
- Has it been done before?
Ethical: Does the research question protect and respect the participants or subjects of interest?
- Does your research minimize potential harm?
- Are you working with a vulnerable population or researching an area with special ethical concerns?
- Have you engaged in the appropriate processes for ethical oversight?
Relevant: Will the research question lead to societal improvements?
- What is the potential impact of your research?
- To whom is the research relevant and what are their needs?
- Are you producing value for money?