I have a diverse and relatively rare skillset, so I try to ensure that I use my unique position and the privileges that allowed me to reach it in the first place to better the world as best I can. In that pursuit, I’ve decided to focus on three key areas: science communication and education, animal welfare and veganism, and aid for the underprivileged. I’m open to any and all opportunities to become involved in these three spaces, and welcome you to reach out to me if you believe I could be of assistance to your particular organization or cause.

Science Communication and Education
I was a member of the Student Experience Team for the first run of the Neuromatch Academy and a back-end showrunner for the Neuromatch 3.0 Conference. I was also a member of the Communications Team on the latter, running the @Neuromatch Twitter account for the duration of the event.

I’m an administrator on /r/neuroscience, a community of around 100,000 researchers, students, and enthusiasts. In that capacity, I’ve organized AMAs — community-directed interviews — of prominent figures and institutions in the field, such as Christof Koch, the lead scientists behind the Allen Institute’s piTEAM initiative, and the team behind the IBRO-SIMONS Computational Neuroscience Imbizo.

I also work as a Data Analyst and Journalist for the Ganga Nobel Laureate Library, and as of the time of writing, am onboarding for March for Science NYC.

Animal Welfare and Veganism
My girlfriend and I foster kittens for the ASTRO Foundation, a non-profit no-kill shelter in California’s Central Valley. That’s also where we got Curie, the mischievous little tuxedo cat on the left.

Aid for the Underprivileged
I’m a grant writer for, an Atlanta-based non-profit dedicated to tackling mental health issues in underprivileged communities.