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Blue Neuron
"Had to be me. Someone else might've gotten it wrong."

Board & Video Games

I don't play as much as I used to, but I still enjoy playing games of all sorts -- some competitively, such as Chess, SSBM, TLOU MP, and Civilization 6.

I was relatively decent at the games I played: my peak chess rating is 2071, I used to be ranked as the #1 Melee player in the GBA (more on that here), I was the runner up in the Civ 6 Imperial Cup, and I held the world record in The Suicide Game for a while.



I grew up playing chess and took a couple of classes as a kid. I then took a break from it for a couple of years but got heavily into it when I entered college, ultimately pushing my peak rating to 2071.

The Last of Us: Factions

I headed a competitive Factions team by the name of "MAJORA" for a couple of months, successfully placing second and third at various Reddit tournaments. I also played as a substitute for one of the leading teams at the time.

Super Smash Brothers Melee

Got into competitive Melee after watching the documentary in early 2015. After a couple of months of grinding out the basics, I attended my first tournament in 2015, ended up playing for a year and climbing to the top of the GBA power rankings. Dropped the game by late 2016.

Civilization 6

I played competitive Civilization 6 for a while and managed to snag second place at the first Civ 6 Imperial Cup, but stopped playing after that (and, notably, prior to the release of Brave New World)